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Lilamayi started practicing meditation in 1985.  Since then she’s been practicing meditation, chanting and seva (selfless service) at meditation centers and ashrams in Japan, India and the United States. 

She came to Chicago from Japan in 1991.  She began hatha yoga practice in 1994, and quickly became a passionate yoga practitioner and teacher. With an open body, heart and mind, she was introduced to Anusara Yoga® in 1997. She became an Anusara-inspired yoga teacher™ and a prenatal yoga teacher. She is bi-lingual and teaches Anusara-inspired Yoga in group and private classes in Japanese and English.  

Anusara means “flowing with Grace,” ”flowing with nature,” “following your heart.”  Anusara Yoga is a school of hatha yoga which unifies a Shiva- Shakti Tantric philosophy of intrinsic goodness with the Universal Principles of Alignment. Everything manifests as a result of the dance of Divine polarities, the mystic marriage between Shiva and Shakti that is auspicious consciousness vibrating with Freedom and full of the highest Bliss. The highest intention of practicing Anusara Yoga is to align with the Divine. The poses in Anusara Yoga are considered to be “heart-oriented,” meaning that they are expressed from “inside out.” On our mat, we endeavor to always remember the spiritual purpose or highest intention of practicing hatha yoga including reconnecting with our innate Goodness and expressing ourselves from the Divine place. 


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  • "Have a lot of confidence in Dr. Ye's knowledge and skills. Would refer others to Juntendo. Office is very clean / hygenic. Staff is professional and people oriented. Dr. Ye is very personable. I am very pleased with Juntendo."
    A.E. / Arlington Heights, IL

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