Have a lot of confidence in Dr. Ye's knowledge and skills. Would refer others to Juntendo. Office is very clean / hygenic. Staff is professional and people oriented. Dr. Ye is very personable. I am very pleased with Juntendo.     A.E. 

Helped with headaches, bloating, heartburn, and acupuncture has really helped with morning sickness. I started coming to the clinic in early this year. Dr. Ye has been a god send to me.     E.P.

I believe acupuncture treatment helped me greatly to have a sucessful pregnancy. Especially going through a year of treatment.     M.A.

Acupuncture has helped me in many ways. No medical treatments helped me get pregnant, but acupuncture helped. Also I am more relaxed. Acupuncture brought light into my life. I got a beautiful daughter and I cannot be more thankful to Dr. Kari.     Z.B.

Thank you so very much for treating my lower back pain caused by the sciatica nerve. The pain is completely gone. I would also like to thank you for being so thoughtful and concerned about my health.     M.J. 

I came to see Dr. Kari one year ago due to infertility. Dr. Kari used her knowledge and experience to help me have two healthy boys. I also did acupuncture throughout my pregnancy and that helped me stay energized and maintain a healthy pregnancy.     J.H.

Earlier this year, I woke up one day with extreme pain in my right shoulder. After a trip to the emergency room and an orthopedic surgeon appointment, it was discovered that I had calcific tendinopathy. The diagnosis was that I would need to be in a shoulder immobilizer for 3-4 months for painful rehab and months of harsh prescription medications. This is when I consulted with Dr. Kari and Kimberley. After the first treatment, I was able to remover the shoulder immobilizer. By the third treatment, I was back at full strength. I owe my ability to enjoy my summer to Juntendo Clinic and recommend Dr. Kari and Kimberly to everyone I speak with.     C.F.

Acupuncture and I “met” at a very difficult time in my life.   I had been diagnosed with Meniere’s Disease around 18 months earlier and I had been under traditional medicine treatment during that time.   At the beginning, my episodes where sporadic so I figure things were somewhat under control, but during the spring of 2013 I started experiencing more frequent and stronger episodes for no apparent reason.  Doctors explained to me that it was the normal progression of the condition and did offer me other options, but the success rate of those treatments were not something that gave me any comfort. (I won’t even talk about the risks involved on some of the “traditional” treatments offered).    Out of desperation, I started researching not so traditional treatments such as Acupuncture and thru a friend I found Kathi for I which I’ll praise the Lord forever.   Even though I was desperate, I tried to keep my feet on the ground and Kathi did a wonderful job helping me do that by explaining the approach oriental medicine offers to conditions like mine.   Long story short, after a 3-4 treatments I started feeling better and better to the point episodes stopped and the overall condition improved amazingly.  I hadn’t feel that good for many months!!! In the process I learned (and experienced) how acupuncture also helps w/other problems.  I’ve also learned that my condition is most likely something I will have forever which I had come to terms with already, but the good thing is there is acupuncture and people like Kathi to help keep it under control.     H.Z.

Dr. Kari Ye is by far the most amazing acupuncturist I have ever met. I began seeing Dr. Kari in early 2010 to help cure me of the worst case of psoriasis before my wedding that was soon approaching. She cured me of that in about 6 months. My husband and I were having trouble conceiving after our wedding to which Dr. Kari informed me I had a "cold uterus". This would need to be fixed in order to conceive. I was worried because I was turning 42 in late Oct. To my surprise we were delighted to find out we were pregnant  with a little girl born in 2012. I was 42 at the time. Fast forward to today I am happy to report we are expecting again, I'm still in happy shock, and due next year. I'm 44. All natural with no medical intervention. If you are struggling with infertility I can't recommend Dr. Kari enough, she is amazing along with her staff. She can fix anything! Please don't miss your opportunity.     E.P.

When I was 35-36 weeks pregnant my baby was breech and I went (back because I've seen Dr. Ye in the past) to try acupuncture to see if the baby would flip on her own. I saw her 2 consecutive times and along with the needles she used moxa...and gave me some to use at home too. Well, it worked, at my next doctor appointment my doctor told me the baby's head was down...and she stayed down (she was a filpper the whole pregnancy).

Since I previously had a c-section, my doctor told me that if I didn't go into labor on my own then I'd have to have another one. I didn't want to have another c-section and since I was 2 weeks late with my first pregnancy and had to be induced...going into labor on my own by my due date with this pregnancy was probably unlikely. When I had my regular doctor appointment on a Thursday (39 weeks 5 days) I was told I wasn't dialated or effaced...and he gave me until 41 weeks to go into labor or it'd be a c-section. I already decided that by my 40th week if I hadn't gone into labor then I'd try acupuncture. So, the very next day (Friday) I went to see Dr. Ye...I wanted to at least try to see if acupuncture could help me. I saw her both Friday and Saturday...early Sunday morning (around 4am) I started having pains that woke me up...they eventually got worse and it dawned on me that these might be contractions. To make a long story short, I was in labor. I went to the hospital at around 9:30am and my baby was born at 1:11pm...on her due date.

Dr. Ye is such a nice person and she really wants to help you...she takes her time with you and really makes you feel that you're in good hands. She knows what she's doing and I highly recommend seeing her for anything...not just pregnancy related issues.     S.W.

I highly recommend Dr. Kari. She has helped me with various ailments from seasonal colds, back pains, hormonal imbalance to dealing with stress.    Her excellent bedside manners leave me feeling comfortable and happy after each session.     B.R.

I started doing acupuncture a few months ago and have seen amazing results so far. I went because I had a troubling case of PVCs (irregular heart beats) that my doctors could not help me with. They basically told me to not worry about them and said they will go away. Well, I didn't buy into that. I was also having issues with my Gut, and like most, was completely stressed out and dealing with extreme anxiety from work. The stress was so bad I was having troubles breathing normally. Well, here I am a few months later after seeing Dr. Kari basically 2-3 times a month, and I can honestly report that I no longer notice the PVCs, I am breathing normally, my stress level has come way down, and my gut is improving. I feel great and am hooked on acupuncture and Dr. Kari specifically for the rest of my life. Having the PVCs under control and getting to the root cause issues is something that will literally change my life. At first, I was a little skeptical of having needles put in my body; I must admit. Will it hurt? Will I freak out? A few things helped me overcome these fears very quickly. First, Dr. Kari is absolutely fantastic. After spending just a few minutes with her you quickly realize she is extremely smart, great at what she does, and cares deeply for her patients. That helped me out a lot. The second thing was the results. I started to feel noticeably better after the first appointment and now I look forward to going. The slight fears of the little needles are gone. I would highly recommend acupuncture and Dr. Kari / Juntendo Clinic to anyone who cares about their long term health and wants to look and feel their best.     M.T.

I came here to help recover from an auto accident and will return for much more. An enjoyable atmosphere with positive, knowledgeable staff makes this a necessary experience regardless of experience.

Alexandra is phenomenal. Her energy and explanation made tui na massage relaxing and enjoyable, taking away any nervous feelings I had as this was only my second time. I already made follow-up appointments and look forward to continuing to advance my personal health with the help of Alexandra and Juntendo Clinic.     S.B.

I'm a long time user of acupuncture and recently found this clinic.  I love their personal touch!  I'm traveling soon so that means extra treatments before and after my trip to ensure I am as strong as possible so I stay healthy.  I highly recommend Juntendo!     M.C.


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  • "Have a lot of confidence in Dr. Ye's knowledge and skills. Would refer others to Juntendo. Office is very clean / hygenic. Staff is professional and people oriented. Dr. Ye is very personable. I am very pleased with Juntendo."
    A.E. / Arlington Heights, IL

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