Yoga For Fertility

What is Yoga for Fertility?

Yoga for Fertility is a yoga program designed to help those who is desiring a child. It is a yoga, breathing and meditation practice you can use to enhance your medical fertility treatment and your chance of conception. The program is not just any other yoga class, because the postures, breath work, class exercises and discussions are all specifically designed to support fertility in women and men.

What are the benefits?

The most powerful effect of a regular yoga practice on a person's fertility is through the calming, restorative effects on the mind and body. Physically, yoga can increase your flexibility in the hips and groin and stimulate your body's energy channels associated with reproduction.

Yoga for Fertility at Juntendo clinic teaches you the tools and techniques for coping with the stresses and emotional ups and downs you experience on your journey to have a child. You will learn techniques for turning off the fight or flight mechanism in the body and turning on the relaxation response, enhancing your sense of contentment.

Prenatal Yoga

At Juntendo Clinic, we know that your journey toward parenthood has been a long one and that once you achieve pregnancy you want to do everything possible to stay healthy and connect with your baby. Prenatal yoga at Pulling Down the Moon is beneficial for both mother and baby. Like all forms of yoga, it enhances the mind/body connection and calms the spirit. In addition, prenatal yoga:

 • Reduces stress

 • Relieves pregnancy-related discomfort

 • Prepares expectant mothers for childbirth

 • Promotes mother/child bonding

 • Provides a community for moms-to-be


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